please be stoked for your friends when they’ve accomplished something that they worked really hard at even if it’s the most boring ass thing your eyeballs have ever witnessed please please please for their sake just pretend to be excited

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I haven’t made a personal post on here in quite some time, so here’s what’s new: 

I graduated college in May and almost immediately moved to NYC. I work full-time at a magazine, leaving me little free time on the week, but I feel lucky to have started working so quickly. I have a boyfriend that I met here. I live on the Upper West Side. Most days are still an adventure and I learn something new about the city each time I leave my apartment. It’s intoxicating and terrifying at the same time, but in a good way. 

It still doesn’t feel like my life, but I’m thrilled to be living it. 


*stabs a memory foam mattress* remember that bitch

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03 Sep 14 at 10 pm


I want this tattooed on my body. 

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I want this tattooed on my body. 
04 Aug 14 at 1 am

Ugo Eze 

Everything you love is here

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"They burned the bridge, then ask why I don’t visit."